Monday, 21 March 2011

Pashley - post winter maintenance

Well, our Pashley bikes are approaching only 4 months old and whilst they have not been ridden in anger in terrible weather, as we approach spring and summer it is worth giving them a once over.

I knew however, when I bought them, that they are almost maintenance free.  The sealed hub gears, drum brakes and enclosed chain covers really need to be left alone until they are a year old (at least).

That said, a couple of perfectly normal niggles had developed.

First one was cable stretch on the Sturmey Archer hub - perfectly normal, so those were adjusted at the weekend.  Back to running (and tick tick ticking) smoothly!

Second, was my wifes saddle needed a dab of oil on the springs as they were creaking!  (I am saying nothing more!!)

And finally, a clean and wipe down and another treatment of Proofide for the leather saddle.  In fact this time, following a tip from a fellow Pashley rider, I also put a thin coating on the brooks leather handlebar grips to help protect them.

All looking good, and both bikes looking as sparkly and stunning as they did from day one.  They still turn heads when they are ridden through town.  We are no posers, but its hard not to crack a smile when you see it happen!

Am now on the hunt for some vintage styled panniers for my bike, and will promise a review of my wifes princess sovereign soon!

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  1. Really looking forward to what you find for vintage panniers! As you are undoubtedly aware, the rack on the Pashley is rather largish and most pannier hooks will not fit.