Saturday, 27 November 2010

So, what goes in the toolkit?

Any prepared rider should carry around a simple toolkit with them - you never know when you will get caught short.

What do I carry in mine?

  • Puncture repair kit - for the obvious
  • 13mm spanner - for wheel nuts and seat post
  • Allen key - to fit gear levers, brake levers and handlebar stem
  • Rag - to clean hands
  • small phillips screwdriver - to remove chain case if necessary
  • Couple of tyre levers
  • Some cable ties - handy for tying back anything that comes loose
  • Small amount of duck tape - just because!
That is perfectly fine for day to day riding.  If I was touring I would probably add a spoke key and perhaps a wider range of allen keys and spanners for more serious tinkering.

What do you carry in yours?


  1. Puncture repair - check
    Spanner - check
    Allen Key - check
    Richard Keys - check
    Funsize box of Smarties - check

  2. My husband has a somewhat over-the-top view of what should go in a toolkit - described here : )

  3. Woah Velouria! Be Prepared is the Scout Motto!