Monday, 22 November 2010

First Pashley ride report

Well, the bikes are home and safe.  This afternoon my wife and I went to pick up our new Pashley bikes, one Roadster Sovereign and one Princess sovereign.  The roadster is in Buckingham Black, and the Princess is in green.

Our first ride too - we picked the bikes up and cycled them the five mile trip home.

I can honestly say I have never had a bike experience that has put such a permanent smile on my face.  Perhaps the only thing that would compare was when I got my first bike as a child, but the memory aint what it used to be....  We didnt even come straight home, despite it starting to rain - no, we went the long way so we could have a pootle through town...!

These things are such fun to ride - the riding position is supreme and I love the way you are high above the traffic.  Oh, and they turn heads - afraid they do - cycling behind my wife I could see the amount of folks on the pavement turning and looking as the bikes went past.

The comfort level is brilliant, you really do feel you are swooshing along or gliding.

And, to those who worry that they are too heavy for hills, well, the bikes are heavy, but the gearing works brilliantly.  There is a particularly long steady hill on the way home that I had worried about - all I can say is that I never found myself having to stand in the seat - just dropped the gear - sure you make slow progress, but the Pashley aint about fast progress is it?

We are overjoyed.  The bikes are now in the garage and the seats are in the kitchen getting their first ever coat of Brooks Proofide.

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